bbc-logoThe website is Britain’s largest public broadcaster of news, current affairs, social events, weather reports, international news, as well as the latest in movies and TV shows. This incredibly massive industry is called The British Broadcasting Corporation.

The headquarters is in London, UK and was established in early January 1, 1922. The founder was Baron John Reith. It is the world’s longest and oldest broadcasting establishment which serves the entire world, with news from all over. They currently employ over 35,402 staff who work in various sectors within the organization. The services cover BBC News, BBC Sports, Football, World, UK, BBC Weather London and BBC Local.

BBC News and Weather London

BBC News covers all aspects of news from around the world. They report on politics, Science and Technology, and on major International issues, Entertainment and Art, Health, World News, Video with headline News, and more. These broadcasts may be viewed and listened to via your smartphones, or television, as well as on the internet.

bbc-weatherThe BBC Weather London gives an in-depth report on the UK’s weather. It is linked with BBC Sport as a compliment to have you know what the weather will be like or is, in the event that you want to go and watch a match. Aside from the weather it also reports on shopping and provides you with a peek into the many stores, boutiques, and online places you may visit for shopping. There is also information on rare animals and scientific discoveries, there’s Capital which gives you insight on financial issues and tips, as well as information about lifestyle choices and what other people do to survive. There are many more postings on BBC Weather London, and you may also log on to your Internet and on your smartphone or watch the television to get all the information you need.

BBC Sport and Football

bbc-sportGives reports on all sporting events around the world, as it happens. They also provide coverage and reports on Britain’s League Matches, which are the central sporting affair of just about every Brit. You may also view, listen to and watch these sporting events on your smart phones, television and also on the internet.

BBC Football is they home of reporting on, just as the name indicates, football. It gives a comprehensive report of all the happenings around the world, but especially in Britain about football. You have listings of matches, game results, gossip within the football fraternity, European, African, women’s football, league and FA Cup matches. You also get reports on Cricket, Rugby, Tennis, Golf, Athletics and Cycling. Whatever your choice of sporting event there is coverage on BBC Football.


UK news specifically reports news happening in the UK. It’s the only local chapter of the BBC Corporation and reports news from Northern Ireland, England, Wales, as well as political issues within its scope. It gives an in-depth and detailed report which may be viewed on the internet as well as your smartphone or television.