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Governments have for a long time advocated for their people and strived to make life better for them. Not all really fulfil this mandate, but with the Government of the UK, it shows a lot of effort has gone into ensuring life is better for the population. is the website used to inform people living in the UK about the various programs, aid services, employment agencies, marriage, births, deaths, housing, and all aspects of life with which they may need help. This comprehensive site is able to keep you on the right track for any service and information you may require.

gov-logoAs you work through the many categories of the site, you are taken into a world of increasingly detailed, additional information, which narrows down your search into ever smaller categories. You have the choice to select whatever section of information you are interested in, and then you simply click on that topic. Some items have their own website, which means that, ultimately it provides an almost unlimited fount of information, which I think is good, as you do not have to search too long to find whatever you need. The painstaking detail in the way that the information topics are grouped and categorized gives an indication of how structured the Government is in ensuring you have all details at your fingertips.

Assistance if needed to Browse site

Although this site is incredibly detailed, I was unable to ascertain if audio assistance was available for blind or visually challenged. If this is not the case, then I do hope that the government is in the process of trying to implement this service. There may be only a small population of blind people living in the UK, but they also need to have the means of accessing this important information too. The balance, equality and availability of this site is very important, and since it is readily available to everyone with access to the internet then it is fair to say it is widely and conveniently available. Of note, there is a lot of information on the site for disabled people, and it is categorized A-Z. this is a detailed and well-structured section which I neglected to mention in my itemized list of important information

Many governments seek to have this kind of comprehensive system in place, and have fallen short, but I truly believe the UK has exceeded the parameters with their hard work, and attention to detail which this site epitomizes.