studentpadStudent pad is an online search unit which was set up in December 1999 to help students attending University or College to find suitable living accommodation. All over the UK young men and women have the opportunity to study and earn their degrees whilst living reasonably comfortably. International students are also accommodated, so it is not hard to ascertain such information. Student Pad is located in Brough, East Yorkshire, and they are the leading centre for offering suitable living accommodation for tertiary level students. They offer three categories of living accommodation; StudentPad, HallPad, and Studentlandlords. These categories help to make students find the living accommodation that suits their particular needs.

How Does Student Pad Work

Landlords register with Student Pad and they are given their own rental and letting platform which they use to transact business. The rooms or flats available are registered, and the landlord is able to rent or lease as normal, and are able to keep track of their funds, as well as monitor which of their properties are currently rented. The facility is structured to cover all the needs of both landlord and student.

apartFor finding nearby accommodation, students will need to go on the site of Student Pad and type in their University. Local letting opportunities will then show up onscreen and indicate what is currently available. They fill in the application and will be given all the required information about the accommodation. There are maps which will enable you easy access to finding the place, and this is especially helpful if you are an overseas student.

Many students do all their searching online, so this is a really effective way of looking for rental properties. It takes out the need for lots of paperwork, having to visit numerous addresses in a short space of time, and it keeps exact records of all transactions. So, this site provides opportunities for great living spaces for students while helping Universities to have more control. The solutions are flexible and allow landlords to find tenants for their flats or pads. It is a win- win situation for all.