lifehacker2Lifehacker was created by Gina Trapani in 2005; which is a Blog post about life, and also posts new and upcoming information on Mac, Microsoft Windows, Linux programs, Android and IOS. The concept is really for readers to have pertinent available information which will help in daily life. They post blogs at least 18 times weekdays and at slightly more limited times during the weekends. This means you have a lot of credible and detailed information at your fingertips. is equally as detailed in its concepts as the site Ms. Trapani originally created. They post blogs on UK news, life, work, business technology, how to’s, real hackers, money, and Apple. This information is important to know as it really will help at some time or other. Have you ever read something because it was interesting, and it helped you at some time in the future? This idea was the sole reason Lifehacker was created.

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In a very useful device is being promoted for people who generally lose things. If you frequently forget where you park on the lot, or where you have put your keys, or you want to locate your briefcase; then, this device is for you! Trackr is the novel invention that will stop you going into panic mode. This device is easy to use. Just purchase one, download the App to your phone, then place Trackr into your car, briefcase or onto your car key chain, and you are ready to enjoy the day out. With Trackr locating anything is just a click on your phone.lifehacker1

Another novel idea is; using bottle caps to reseal plastic bags. This is very useful. Say you have some unused peas, and you don’t have a clean Ziploc bag, then you take a plastic soda bottle, cut the top off the bottle at about 3 inches down, pull the top of the plastic bag with the leftover peas through the opening, then you re-cap the top. Viola, you have an airtight sealed bag, to store your peas. Another way to reuse your bottle caps as well instead of just throwing them out is to use them as stops for any fruit, vegetable or even an egg that may roll around on your counter top. Just turn it right side up and place the item on top and you don’t have to be chasing those items around the counter. is an excellent addition to your browsing enjoyment on the internet. There you will find any useful information and tips that are sure to help in any situation, and you will also find some really good bargains for those handy items you want to buy, yet found the price a little out of your range.