The Recruitment and Employment Confederation

rec-logo1The job market can be tricky and frustrating for anyone without the right background information and training. For individuals and job seekers, the lack of understanding of the market and trends can place them at a disadvantage, and may result in underemployment or even unemployment. For recruitment professionals, the lack of information and insights can be problematic as well. It can lead to questionable hiring and recruitment processes, and may result in the hiring of individuals for inappropriate jobs and tasks. To help make sense of the information and the complexity of the job market and recruitment, The Recruitment and Employment Confederation has been formed, backed by a comprehensive website that serves as an online hub for recruitment and employment resources and best practices in recruitment.

Putting the Concerns of Recruitment and Employment Professionals First

Thanks to a growing recruitment industry in the United Kingdom and the clamour for a unified organization for practitioners, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) was formed in 2000. Today, the group is considered the largest trade body in the industry, and offers its members and stakeholders a number of services. As a trade body, the REC was formed to offer stakeholders and members a platform where they can get business and professional training and also solicit legal advice and information.

employedAmong the many services offered by REC, the Legal Guide is considered one of the best resources included on its website. The Legal Guide which is incorporated in the website offers a comprehensive take on the employment and recruitment agency, and serves as an important hub for recruiters and Human Resource practitioners. The Legal Guide section includes 50 topics about commercial and employment law, and can also serve as a comprehensive guide when it comes to supplying Human Resources to established companies and in providing temporary workers and employees. There are also articles and guides on how independent practitioners can manage their own workers and employees. And to ensure complete help and assistance to members and other stakeholders, the website also provides a Legal Hotline where members can instantly get clarifications and recommendations.

In short, the website of The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) serves as a comprehensive and helpful hub for recruiters, job seekers and industry practitioners. From industry news, legal guides and information on industry tools, the official website of REC becomes an online partner of an HR and recruiting practitioner, and also helps promote and protect jobs in the United Kingdom.